Get To Know Us

At AchooPachoo, we're all about fabric. As a specialist in one-off designs, end of  roll designer picks and quality, luxury materials - we're providing inspiration to creators world-wide.

Just like our founder, AchooPachoo is filled with ambition to make fantastic fabrics more accessible to everyone.
After searching high and low, rummaging through store rooms in fabric shops, sifting through market stalls and trying to order online, our founder realised something - she could do it better.

AchooPachoo was born out of a love of fabrics, how they feel, how they drape on the body and how they can transform us and our lives. We're great believers in trying to bring you the latest materials at great value prices and we've dug around to make contacts with famous designers to bring you their remnants and end-of-line stock so you can have something that's just like you - truly individual.

We love to see all your fantastic creations and share your passion for this craft, be sure to share them with us!


Happy dressmaking!

Achoo Pachoo xxx